Kevin and Amy Peck: Vote yes on 3A |

Kevin and Amy Peck: Vote yes on 3A

— As products of the Moffat County School District, we encourage our community to vote yes on 3A. Thanks to the commitment and forethought of previous generations, we were afforded exceptional educational opportunities which, in turn, allowed us to pursue our goals and dreams without restriction. It is now our turn, as a conscientious community, to continue Moffat County’s educational commitment.

Residents of Moffat County will receive continuing, tangible benefits from 3A. School security and safety will improve. Facilities and infrastructure will be modernized to enhance learning opportunities and to improve overall academic achievement. Long-term cost savings can be utilized to hire more teachers and reduce class sizes. Ultimately, our students will be better prepared to become productive members of society.

The challenges of the 21st century are immense. We owe it to our children, and to the committed generations before us, to continue Moffat County’s tradition of educational opportunity and excellence. As always, with commitment comes a price. In this case, a reasonable tax increase which will permit a necessary and integrated upgrade of our educational facilities and infrastructure. Ultimately, we believe that the passage of 3A will be in the best interests of our children and our community. Stated alternatively, 3A will be money well-spent!

Again, we encourage voters to do their homework, ask questions, investigate the facts and then vote yes on 3A.

Thoughtfully submitted,

Kevin and Amy Peck