Ketchum: DeRose doesn’t represent me |

Ketchum: DeRose doesn’t represent me

To the Editor:

Recently I have been asked a lot about my Anti-DeRose campaign. Hopefully this will answer any questions folks may have.

Many of you may remember me as the crossing guard at East Elementary School from Sept. of 1993 to the end of the school year in 2005. In 12 years I have spent over 900 hours on that corner.

I had a state patrolman who would frequently hang around to make sure people slowed down, (and a few City Cops and also Moffat Sheriff’s Deputies). This patrolman suggested that I go to the City Council or at least talk to the Mayor about having fines doubled for speeding in the school zone.

At that time we were building Kinder Medical Clinic in 6th and Russell, and Dave was the mechanical contractor for that job.

I approached Dave with my suggestion and told him it was recommended to me by a state patrolman. Dave told me we already had too many needless laws on the books and we didn’t need anymore, adding that there were some patrolmen he “didn’t like” and wanted to know which one suggested it to me.

I told him it didn’t matter who it was but I told him the patrolman’s name, and Dave said “Well I don’t like him so I would vote against it.”

I replied, “What if it were your kid that gets run over in the intersection,? He said “He should’ve known better.”

I have worked in the construction field in Craig since 1980 and I know a lot of the local carpenters, and have worked around Dave from time to time. As a Moffat County citizen and tax payer I just want to say Dave does not represent me or Moffat County.

His arrogant demeanor and California-style attitude are not good for Moffat County or its citizens.

Thanks for all your time.

Kent E. Ketchum

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