Kerry Moe: Vote for Romney |

Kerry Moe: Vote for Romney

To the editor:

My Husband and I extended an invitation for Mitt Romney to visit Craig, Colorado, back in the early part of this year.

We asked him to come and see for himself how the the over regulation of America’s energy industries by the current administration have adversity affected our area, our economy, and ultimately our country.

Mitt Romney accepted our invitation, and visited Craig May 28 and 29. He was campaigning in southern California at the time, and made a special trip up here to Northwest Colorado.

Governor Romney stayed the evening of the 28 at our Motel, visited with us that evening for a very short time, and then visited with us again as well as several other people from Craig the following morning for over an hour in our hotel lobby.

Governor Romney spent that time with all of to find out what issues were most important to us as a community. Governor Romney went on to hold a rally in downtown Craig on May 29, and then flew back to Las Vegas to continue on with his campaign for President of the United States.

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Speaking for ourselves, my husband and I were very impressed with Governor Romney from the very moment we met him late Monday night (his plane was 2 hours late getting into Yampa Valley Regional Airport). AFter what was sure to be a tiring day, Governor Romney went out of his way to make us feel at ease as soon as he walked through our front door.

He went on to compliment us about our Motel and even the big black bear we have in our Lobby!

Governor Romney knew we had a full house Monday night because not only did he have room, but so did all of his campaign people, the Colorado Secret Service, as well as as the traveling press corps that accompany presidential candidates.

Governor Romney was concerned with the operation of the hotel and what worked best for us. Knowing that we offer a breakfast in the morning that his entourage and our guests would be taking advantage of, he asked if it was okay for him to eat in his room so as not to disturb all the guests in the lobby.

We were prepared to bring him anything he needed for breakfast. Governor Romney only made two requests, one for a box of Cocoa Puffs and the other was for us to get the smallest size cereal box and carton of milk.

You see, even when it comes to the simple things, Governor Romney doesn’t want to waste anything! I likes that about him.

The following morning when the roundtable group met with Governor Romney, we observed him to be very gracious as he listened to the group’s cares and concerns. He was humble in his demeanor, extremely knowledgeable and familiar with our many challenges and issues, articulate in his thoughts and experiences, and committed to making a better future for us all.

As the roundtable meeting came to a close with Governor Romney, Frank and I were invited to travel with him on his campaign bus to rally in downtown Craig. We were able to continue to visit with him about Craig, and what we love about all of Northwest Colorado.

We thanked him for responding to our call for help. He told us he cared about us, cared about Craig, and cared about communities like ours.

Governor Romney also made it clear he cared about all of America’s energy resources.

I have never felt more confident about voting for a man for President of the United States as I do about Mitt Romney.

I am voting for a man that is a good Christian, a good family man, a good business man and a good public servant. I am voting for a man that truly cares about our country and the foundation it was built on.

Governor Romney has our votes. We need a successful champion in the White House.

With sincerest regards,

Kerry Moe