Kerry Alonso: Youths have no respect |

Kerry Alonso: Youths have no respect

Youths have no respect

To the editor:

First I would like to congratulate all Moffat County Bulldogs teams for a great homecoming week, the football team for playing a great game and the Middle School volleyball teams and seventh- and eighth-grade football players for great seasons. You are all great kids and deserve recognition.

Homecoming is a fun time to show our pride in our kids and schools and to show school spirit.

It is a shame there is not much pride anymore. I am not from here but am proud my kids are, and they are proud to be Bulldogs!

I witnessed two events this weekend that have me concerned.

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While I was in the homecoming parade with CMS football teams, we saw some high school-age kids use filthy language and gestures directed at the team and parade.

If it’s not bad enough strangers cussed us, the way kids treated us at the game was appalling.

I attended the football game with a group and before the end of the first half most had left in anger. A group of kids had gathered in front of us and refused to sit down so that we could see the game. They repeatedly were asked politely, but they ignored, sneered at or cussed at us and others.

The situation quickly got out of control, and school officials got involved. Unfortunately, their presence made no difference. The way those kids spoke to us was nothing compared to how one girl spoke to her principal. They were rude and arrogant. We were told it was “tradition” for them to stand there, and it was basically a reserved section. In fact, we were told to leave and ask for a refund because there was nothing they could do.


Not once did anyone say it was reserved, nor were there markings. If we had left or moved seats, those kids would have won, but they won anyway. They got away with speaking to their principal and other adults with complete and utter disrespect, and they continued to stand on bleacher seats for the entire game. No one spoke up about their behavior. Parents need to know how their kids behave in public, but maybe that’s the problem – the parents don’t care.

I know teenage years are hard. I’ve been there. Kids need to know we do care, but they will be held accountable for actions.

Let me get one thing straight – this letter is not about the seating situation, although something needs to be done. Clearly mark it as reserved and those who want to stand should be at the back.

Anyway, this is about the kids and their utter disregard for others. I was embarrassed and appalled at what I heard and saw and what my young kids had to see.

At the middle school our motto is:

Be respectful

Be responsible

Be safe

These kids here learn it, they know it is right and they try to live it. Maybe the world would be just a little bit better if we all live by those three small rules at school, at work and most importantly at home.

Kerry Alonso