Kelley Davis: Irresponsible comment |

Kelley Davis: Irresponsible comment

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the recent Craig City Council meeting regarding the proposal for mandatory gun ownership (“Gun plan sends message to state,” April 24 Craig Daily Press).

First of all, I am in favor of this proposal and applaud Dr. Craig Rummel and those on the City Council who support it.

However, I must comment on the statement made by Mr. Don Jones. I feel that he made an ignorant and irresponsible comment by saying that the resolution would require citizens to own an AK-47. This was not presented, or stated as such, and Mr. Jones is playing the same games as the anti-gun opponents by changing the meaning of a statement and the general feeling just to make the pro-gun faction look like crazy fanatics.

I would also like Mr. Jones to know that he has lost any future votes from me because of this erroneous and offensive comment.

Kelley Davis



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