Keeping the streets clear of snow |

Keeping the streets clear of snow

Special to the Daily Press

— It’s snowing.

With winter comes the need for snowplows to clear the streets.

The Craig Police Department has the following reminder:

“Craig’s Road and Bridge employees work very hard and long hours to keep our streets plowed, and cleared of snow,” a news release states. “However, they need your help.”

Plows usually start clearing the streets at about 3 a.m. At that time, they plow around any vehicles that are parked on the street. This creates a window around those vehicles, which, if not removed, will build up and create traffic problems.

As a result, the plows will come back later and plow where the parked cars were. If the vehicles have not been moved, the Craig Police Department is then called to “Red Tag” the vehicles.

“While this helps clear the street, it also creates conflict with the vehicle owners,” the statement reads.

When vehicles are “Red Tagged” for snow removal, the Police Department and Road and Bridge Department are giving notice that vehicles must be moved to a different parking place so the next time the plows come by, Road and Bridge employees can clean the area that was left around the parked vehicle. Vehicles must be moved within 72 hours of being tagged.

The Road and Bridge Department offers a limited snow removal program for people older than 65 or who have physical disabilities. Qualified residents may go to City Hall and complete the proper forms requesting this service.

The form will be forwarded to the Road and Bridge Department for processing. This program will only remove the windrow that the plow has created in the entrance to the driveway.

People who refuse to move their vehicles or place snow in the street face a fine of up to $300, plus any cost related to towing the vehicle.

“No one likes to have their vehicle towed, and city employees don’t enjoy having to have them towed,” the release states. “The Police Department and Road and Bridge employees ask for your cooperation this winter.”

The release also states that people who will be out of town for an extended period should make arrangements for off-street parking.

If it snows more than 2 inches, move vehicles off the street. For those who don’t have access to off-street parking, relocate your vehicle after the plow has gone by.

Code Enforcement Specialist Beck Otis will be doing most of the “Red Tagging” of vehicles this year. Call 826-2373.


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