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Kathy Oberwitte: Teach about sportsmanship

To the editor:

It was a snowing heavily Tuesday night, the wind was howling, and the roads were treacherous.

Despite the weather, parents of the blue team and the white team scurried their boys into the gym for a fun night of basketball.

The blue team and the white team were score for score during the entire game.

One second left, and the white team scores. The game is now tied. Overtime! Two minutes for these 10- and 11-year-old boys to show their coach everything that they have learned.

Two more points for the blue team and two more points for the white team and the clock expires. Double overtime! The clock expires again. Can this be possible, a triple overtime?

The gym was wild with parents cheering and sitting on the edge of their seats and jumping up and down. Six points for the blue team and two points for the white team. Blue team wins. Wow, what a nailbiter game of basketball that was played by fifth- and sixth-graders.

It is customary for the winning team and losing team to congratulate one another for a good game on the gym floor.

Unfortunately, that was not the case on Tuesday night. The coach, players and parents of the losing team left the winning team standing on the gym floor without a handshake or congratulations for a game well played.

For those who left the gym disgusted with their loss, I have listed the true definitions of sportsmanship and sportsman right out of Webster’s Dictionary.

Sportsmanship is a conduct becoming to a sportsman. So what is a sportsman? A sportsman is defined as a person who is fair, generous, a good loser and a gracious winner.

So I pose the following question: Is it not our responsibility as coaches, parents, teachers and mentors to teach our kids true sportsmanship?

All of us should be very proud of how our kids played the game, regardless of a win or a loss. Let’s raise them to be true sportsmen, as they will soon represent our school sports program that believes in Bulldog pride.

Kathy Oberwitte

A proud parent

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