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Kathy J. Carlton: Helping out veterans

To the editor:

I receive correspondence from the Paralyzed Veterans of America on a regular basis. I try to send a donation whenever possible, but it isn’t as often as I would like. I also am an advocate for veterans and their rights and needs when the opportunity arises. That is why I started a group called the Knit-Wits. Craig is a small town, but we are big on community involvement. One night, I was tossing and turning, trying to figure out what to do with an afghan I had just finished crocheting. Everyone I befriend or is a relative pretty much has received an afghan, and this last one just had no home to go to. Suddenly I shot out of bed with two words on my mind — “the veterans!” I talked to a couple of ladies where I live and started the group. We make all kinds of things, for example, quilts, lap blankets, afghans, scarves, caps, saddle bags for wheelchairs and walkers, butterflies and several other things. When we get four or more large boxes packed, we send them on the bus that goes to the VA nursing facility in Rifle. They always send us an enlightening note full of encouragement, compliments and gratitude. It is a win/win situation. The veterans love our crafts and we love to make things for our veterans. It keeps us busy, provides a time of sharing, guidance and fun. We meet twice weekly. Our materials strictly are donations unless we need something and have to pay for it out of our pockets.

It is my dream to start more groups in other towns, but I don’t know anyone who is interested in starting up a group. There is no “boss” or leader. All decisions are made among the entire group. If someone starts to try to “run” the group or cause problems, we ask them to kindly leave. Our group is four years old now and going strong here in Craig.

I will continue to donate financially when I can, but our Knit-Wit contributions are our true giving and receiving activity.

Kathy J. Carlton