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Kathy Bassett: Trouble at TMH, part 3 (Do not set to live)

This is part three of a three-part letter from Craig resident Kathy Bassett about physician retention at TMH.

To the editor:

When I heard Dr Phillips was leaving I (along with many others) was devastated.

A day or two after he left, we all got letters from Ms. Riley who listed doctors that were available to see us. So I chose one.

Let me quickly point out that the little blurb Mr. Rohrich had on the front page of the third in the series of TMH stories is a whole bunch of cow pasture pies.

Not one time did Dr. Phillips ever have his nurse tell me that he was not seeing anyone for a week or two, Dr. Phillips was out of town, Dr. Phillips was too busy, etc. Let me quickly assure you that Dr. Phillips was always available.

Then, the new Dr I chose did a culture on my ankle. It took three or four weeks to find out the results because — yep you guessed it — “The Dr is out of town. The Dr had not read the results yet. We can’t find your test results, they aren’t back yet.”

So I’ve lived with staph infection in my foot now for two months and it is slowly getting better, but why should I have to live like this?

It doesn’t do any good to call the TMH clinic as calls are seldom returned.

So, Mr. Rohrich and Ms. Riley, when you shoved Dr. Phillips and Dr. Pense out of town you did Craig a great injustice!

Dr. Phillips was supposed to stay until my Chemo Therapy was all finished. Dr. Pense was supposed to do another procedure on me and now I can’t have that done either.

I didn’t know any of the other doctors that left, but they must also have been quality.

Kathy Bassett

To read the letter in its entirety, vitist http://www.craigdailypress.com.

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