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Kathy Bassett: They came a long way to play cribbage

Kathy Bassett

When you live way out in the country, far away from town, and folks come to visit you, you know that they really want to see you.

It wasn’t too long after the Flying-Pickle Friends left that we got more company. Our friend from South Dakota came down and brought his 8-year-old grandson, Seth, with him. Seth is just, well, there isn’t any other words to describe him, he is a little cutie.

I am just positive that since our friend Larry and I have had an ongoing battle with the old cribbage board for a few years that he thought he’d be really safe in bringing Seth along to help him beat me a few games. So it wasn’t too long after they arrived that a three-handed cribbage board mysteriously appeared on the dining room table.

Of course, Seth has to remind his grandpa, every time they play, that Kathy and his mom double-skunked grandpa and his dad. That happened a couple of years ago, and little Seth is still rubbing it in.

For an 8-year-old, he is quite an accomplished cribbage player and fun to challenge. So we got started.

The cards were playing just right and it wasn’t too long into the game that I was quite a few points ahead of both of the fellas. Pretty soon, Seth looked at his grandpa and told him that he didn’t like this game anymore. Grandpa was pretty surprised, and asked him why.

Seth replied, “Cuz Kathy is whuppin’ us!”

I won that one, and Seth decided to curl up in the big easy chair and watch TV. I’m not saying how many more games I won. I’m not saying how many games I lost. I’m not even saying how many games we played.

But, it was sure a lot of fun.

I have a feeling that when they went out to the fifth-wheel camper for the night that they were discussing strategies. And the next day, there appeared a different cribbage board and a different deck of cards on the table.

Did it help? I’m not saying.

We took Seth to the Museum of Natural History in Vernal, Utah, so he could see the dinosaurs. Of course, we had to stop in Dinosaur and get pictures of him next to the ones by the highway. He sure was excited.

Being a boy who loves dinosaurs and having studied them pretty thoroughly, he said exactly what I knew he would say when we drove by the giant “pink” dinosaur entering Vernal.

“Eeeeeeewwwwwweeeeeuuuuu!” He didn’t want his picture taken by that one. He didn’t even want a picture of it.

We all learned quite a bit at the museum. If you have any little ones who love dinosaurs, it is worth the trip and not that expensive to get in. The little people learn how to dig for bones and brush them off. They are provided with tools, plenty of instructions and information.

After we ate lunch, we headed back to the ranch by way of Flaming Gorge and stopped to take the dam tour. Now that was interesting. We had to go through security and, of course, when I cleaned out my pockets I found a handful of .22 shells that I forgot were in there.

Oh my.

I had to give them to the security guard. He said I could have them back when we finished the tour, but when we got back, he was off on his own dam tour and so I relinquished my bullets to who knows where.

The dam tour is another interesting place you could take your guests and go visit. It is free, informative and a lot of fun. At the end of the dam tour, you can feed quarters into a machine and get out handfuls of fish food. You then throw the food into the Green River directly below you and watch as the large 26- to 28-inch trout fight over who gets the most pellets.

We arrived back home in plenty of time to play a couple dozen more cribbage games. They left the next morning, but not before a couple of hands of cribbage.

I’m not saying who won or lost, or who is ahead.

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