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Kathy Bassett: Sombrero horses vs. Mother Nature

Kathy Bassett

The sleepy, quiet little town of Maybell opened her arms wide on Mother’s Day to embrace the day.

Maybell has hosted an event in the park for several years, but this year was like no other.


Hundreds of people came from all over to enjoy the day’s activities in Maybell Park while waiting for the arrival of Sombrero Ranch’s cowboys and horses to appear on the horizon.

I met people from Wyoming, Utah and other parts of Colorado. Everyone was running around with big smiles on their faces and saying what fun they were having.

Even Mother Nature showed up in her finest bright sunny dress, and there was no wind.

It was unbelievable.

Queeda Mantle Walker was the beautiful lady in the corner signing her books and visiting old friends.

There were more than a dozen vendors with all kinds of wonderful items. And those adorable, darling Gerber Boys treated us to some fabulous music.

Oh boy, are they ever good. One played a fiddle and one played a guitar. We know they are going to go far with their talents.


You’ve got to remember Kearn and Tyler because we haven’t heard the end of them yet.

After they finished and left, everyone was enthralled with Greg Scott. He was so good that there was even one old biddy who walked up and stole one of his CDs right off the table.

Why do people want to be so evil? So a very kind lady immediately went into action, sat down and sold the CDs for him while he played.

Another main attraction was the team of horses and wagon rides that took folks around town.

Fabulous Bill Ronis, with his wit and wonder, pointed out the historical places and told his stories.

We were so fortunate to have him along for the ride, and every time I saw the horses leave their starting point, the wagon was loaded with people. I sure wanted to take the tour myself, but I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger and couldn’t leave my post.

Our tables were set up next to another gentleman vendor and his wife and friend, who kept coming over and entertaining us.

What fun.

They were so kind, they even stayed long after everyone left and helped pick up litter in the park.

I had a great time visiting with people who came to our tables. Everyone was so upbeat and fun.

Then I noticed something different.

I stopped to listen, and it was so quiet I bet you could have heard a mouse sneeze.

Suddenly there it was – hundreds of horses running right down the highway with all the people lined up at the fence taking pictures, and watching in awe.

All you could hear was the clickety clack of the hooves on the pavement and an occasional crack of a whip.

Little kids scrambled as some of the cowboys threw candy over the fence to them. It took about five minutes for the horses to run through town.

What a show.

I heard a lot of “awesomes!” One lady said, “I don’t even like horses and I’m coming back next year and bringing my friends!”

When it was over, people ambled back into the park and visited, browsed, purchased items, listened to Greg play his wonderful songs, ate and relaxed.

Not to be outdone by the horses running down U.S. Highway 40, Mother Nature decided to let us all know that she can gallop, also.

She stirred up a great big dust devil and sent him right through the middle of the park.

He danced around, up and down, and didn’t do a whole lot of damage until he got to Mr. Kiser’s display.

Mr. Devil blew over his gazebo, knocked his wooden items onto the ground, flipped up his carpet, picked up about 30 or 40 plastic sacks and headed southeast with all those sacks in tow.

So, if you find a sack in your yard, you have a souvenir of a great day in Maybell. Several people went over and assisted Mr. Kiser in getting things back in order. That’s small-town kindnesses you don’t find in big towns or cities. We love our Maybell!

At 1 p.m., the silent auction closed, winners were announced and names were drawn for several nice items donated for the drawings.

Once everyone left and things settled back down, I heard someone say they had a great time with all the guests that but they were happy to have their quiet little town back once again, and Maybell can fold up her arms and snooze peacefully until next year.

I reckon all the hours, time and efforts the Cultural Heritage Group, Maybell Women’s Club and volunteers put into the day was worth the effort.

But, I want you to know that there were a few bodies that crawled home, ate a bite of supper and beat even the chickens to bed!

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