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Kathy Bassett: Mothers, celebrate your bravery this year

Kathy Bassett

Can you remember the first time you actually had a Mother’s Day?

I’m talking about the burnt toast, raw eggs on a tray with dandelions for a centerpiece, while you are still half asleep and trying to plaster a smile on your face to match the gigantic ear-to-ear grins on your little people’s faces?

They all got up real early to surprise you with breakfast in bed. Hooray!

Maybe it was a good thing we were half asleep because otherwise how would we have ever gotten those half-done eggs down? Mothers are so brave!

Then we got up out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen.

Ooops, did I say kitchen?

Is this where the term “mess hall” came from? What on earth happened to the lovely kitchen you left when you went to bed the night before? One can only guess. Or can we? Maybe not.

You remember having only eggs and toast, so why is half the refrigerator stuff all over the floor? The floor used to be sandstone colored, but now it is white and slippery. You don’t know what that stuff is splattered on the table and chairs. You don’t want to know.


There is a paw print here and there. So, I reckon the dog had a hand in helping prepare the Mother’s Day breakfast tray.

But it’s OK. You can’t get upset or angry. Remember, you are brave.

Your little people are right behind you and watch as you put your lovely bouquet in a glass of water. Then you wake up and remember you forgot to say thanks, so you gather them up and cover them with smooches and hugs, all the while relating how much you love them.

And all the while you are cleaning up the “mess hall,” you remember the cute things they’ve done in the past. You remember how excited your 6-year-old was when you were expecting and that was all he could talk about everywhere he went. At school, he excitedly told all his friends and teachers about the new baby brother or sister he was getting.

Then, one day, you let him feel the movement of the unborn child, and even though he was impressed, he didn’t say much. He quit talking about it. One day, his teacher asked him whatever became of the new baby he was so excited about. He started crying and told her, “I think Mommy ate it!”

And how about the day you learned that you don’t put your child on the top bunk if he is wearing Superman pajamas.

And wait, your day isn’t over yet. After you clean the kitchen, you head to the living room, where all your little people are lined up waiting for you with a : you take a second look: oh my gosh! They made you a cake.

Well, that explains the kitchen mess. Mothers are so brave. You eat some. You tell a lie. You say it is delicious. You wonder what they left out. Or, maybe what they put in.

After all, it doesn’t really resemble a cake, but you know that is what it is because it has a candle stuck in it. Not just any old birthday candle, either. It is a genuine red taper candle left over from the Christmas party you gave 5 months ago.

Where on earth did they find it?

And the cards? Oh, so cute! They made them. You read each one aloud and praise your little people over and over about how precious they are and you are so blessed to have them for your own.

You know that one day soon they will be argumentative, belligerent, defiant, ornery and disobedient. Every mother goes through it. Mothers are so brave.

There are millions of giggles, tears, sad moments, happy moments and they all grow up way too fast, going out on their own to start their own lives and families so they can share in being brave mothers, too.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Happy day to all mothers everywhere.

And the fathers? Well, hang on for the ride, ‘cuz your day is next! Just be brave.

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