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Karen Gibson: Walking with God

The Rev. Karen Gibson, Co-Pastor of Friendship United Methodist Church

I suppose there are many who can say, “They have been on a journey few people have been on.”

Yes there are many who can say that perhaps, but I find that I truly have had great opportunities come my way.

In our little city of Craig, there are amazing people to meet, and visit with, and sights to see, and experience. What causes me to ponder today comes from my first and only exposure to delivering meals for St. Michael’s Kitchen.

I actually wanted to say something about fall and pumpkins, and all the memories that come with the changing of the seasons. But God doesn’t seem to be shaping me in that direction, instead a song keeps coming up again and again.

We sang it a few weeks ago in worship, and it has comfortingly remained with me. The title of the song is “Walk with Me.”

The writer of both the words and music of “Walk with Me” is John S. Rice. The copyright date is 1988, so it is not an old song.

The song starts out with what I call the chorus, but the songbook refers to it as the refrain. The words of the refrain are “ “Walk with me, I will walk with you and build the land that God has planned where love shines through.”

There are four verses, and three of them refer to Biblical characters who were unlikely candidates for becoming Hebrew, Jewish, or Christian leaders for God.

The first scripture is from Exodus 3: 1-4: 20 which tells of Moses’ account when God uses a burning bush to get Moses’ attention. The second verse is from Matthew 16:13-20, which describes Peter, “a most unlikely man.”

Matthew 16:18a says, “and I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church.”

The third verse is from the book of Mark 16: 9 telling about Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene is the one whom Jesus appears to first, and in the song, “Walk with Me” Mary Magdalene allows God to walk with her, and to become much more than she could imagine.

The fourth verse reassures the singer or reader that just as God walked with Moses, Peter and Mary Magdalene, God will walk with us. We are to be sharing our faith and to be witnesses of God.

I have said all this to offer my observation. There are many, many lonely people in our little city of Craig.

As an encouragement to any who might read this article, I would say “Walk with Me,” is a song that reminds us that God walks with all of us whether we can walk or not. And God wants to go with us, to help make the lonely a little less lonely, and to be a witness of God’s love.

I would encourage you to look around and find someone you can call or you can go visit. When things are crazy, and you wonder how you can do just one more thing, or how you are going to get it all done, just remember God walks with you.

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