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Kandy Kropinak: The people at TMH took good care of me

To the editor:

Recently, I spent some time at The Memorial Hospital as a patient. I was impressed with the caring service I received from all those with whom I came into contact.

I was most impressed with the number of RNs and nurse’s aides who cared for me who had graduated from our nursing program at CNCC.

I am so glad that my tax dollars helped them to be there. And your tax dollars helped them to be there. Talk about direct benefits from supporting education.

Some had been returning adult students, and some were very young, but all were equally professional, thorough, attentive and caring. Each and every nurse I dealt with expressed a love for his or her work. That means a lot when you’re lying in bed, depending on someone else to care for you while you can’t care for yourself.

Some of the nurse’s aides were continuing on for their RN degree, some were not. Still, they were working and supporting themselves while continuing their educations.

Isn’t that the purpose of education — to provide the student with the tools to develop skills that will ensure them a living wage in an area of work they can enjoy?

Each nurse who cared for me had benefited from the program and the tuition buy-down that Moffat County tax payers have provided.

Thank you Moffat County for your support of education that benefits our community directly through CNCC. Thank you to The Memorial Hospital for the great care you provided me. Thank you nurses for your decision to work through the program, the tenacity to complete the program and your dedication to the patient.

Now that’s our tax dollars at work.


Kandy Kropinak

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