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Justin Jenison: A Heart for Moffat County

To the editor:

Every once in a while I run into someone who tells me how Craig sucks, or they’re stuck here.

Usually the unsympathetic look on my face followed by the lack of confirming response is enough to end the complaint cold in its tracks.

My wife Courtney and I willingly moved back here 9 years ago and we can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Throughout my time here in Craig, I’ve really gotten to know Dave DeRose. We’ve developed a professional relationship and friendship through mutual friends and organizations in the community.

When Dave told me he was considering running for county commissioner, I sensed his heart was heavy laden. I could see the somberness in his eyes indicating that this was not a flippant decision.

As the next several months passed I took note of what other people said about Dave, what their opinions were, how they felt about him, and they’re thoughts on him running for commissioner.

While the vast majority of people I ran into seemed to speak highly of Dave, there were some that had a different view: “He’s arrogant,” “It’s his way or no way,” “Dave’s always right.”

I actually wasn’t all that surprised to hear some of these comments, truth be told there have been times when I have agreed with some of those critical comments.

That’s why I am writing this, for the critics. You see, I’ve had the opportunity to see something that many people don’t get close enough to see, Dave DeRose’s heart for Moffat County and its people.

I’ve watched Dave work endlessly, building Masterworks Mechanical into a successful, professional business which provides jobs to almost a dozen hard working people in Moffat County.

I’ve watched Dave provide a needed service to our community while caring for his employees as if they were his own family.

This is all evidence of the amount of time, commitment, dedication and knowledge he will bring to our community as a commissioner.

Dave’s heart for our community is greater than anyone else I know. However, I think many people have mistaken Dave’s dedication, strive for excellence and unwillingness to settle for mediocrity as arrogance and intolerance.

I am constantly amazed by Dave’s commitment of time, resources, and money to support multiple organizations in our community. He does not just care for the well-being of this generation but future generations of Moffat County.

The reality is, Dave sees very dearly the potential of what our county and its people could be and should be. He will do nothing short of diligently perusing an excellence in our community which will last for generations to come.

Dave DeRose does not go into anything half- hearted. As our county commissioner he will settle for nothing less than the best for our county and its people.

Justin Jenison

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