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Justin Duzik: Commissioners need to be more professional

Justin Duzik

What are our commissioners thinking? I may be out of place here but I can’t believe that the majority of people in Moffat County want oil and gas drilling.

Sure, the money gas and oil companies bring in is good, especially if I would directly receive it, but then there is the rest.

How long ago were the problems of tearing up our roads? People living on or using these roads are complaining of speeding semis and workers’ vehicles.

I don’t want to go camping or hunting and find drilling rigs dotting the landscape.

The area between Rifle and Parachute is littered with rigs, compressor stations, and roads everywhere.

I sure don’t want that in my backyard.

We need to learn to how to stop wasting resources before finding new resources to waste.

People of Moffat County, please write and let your opinions be heard, either for or against drilling.

Writing a strongly worded letter? Is that really how you make the Governor of Colorado take note of us? I would be surprised if he will even look our way anymore.

He is definitely not going to take us seriously.

As elected officials representing Moffat County, you need to be a little more professional.

I don’t have any political experience but I would not try taking stabs at someone that high on the food chain.

As for wanting to know where the money for his helicopter flight came from, it came from me and every taxpayer that is glad he is taking note.

Justin Duzik

P.S. I am sending my letter to the president, too.

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