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Julie A. Severson-Baker: Clarifications for newspaper readers

To the editor:

Please let me take a minute to clarify a few misconceptions that have recently been publicized within our community media. First, my name is Julie Ann Severson-Baker and I am the proud principal of Ridgeview and Maybell elementary schools. I am currently on The Memorial Hospital foundation board and before this, served on the hospital’s capital campaign committee in 2005. Never, in 40 years, have I been known as “Julia Baker.”

Enough said.

I would further like to share my wholehearted support for both the hospital (1A) and the school district (3A) tax initiatives. I admire and believe in our community and all that it has to offer every citizen in Moffat County. Voting yes on these two initiatives will strengthen the future of our community. These initiatives will provide the facilities necessary to move our community forward for the continuation of providing excellent health care and education – a much deserved benefit for all our citizens.

I will be very proud to vote yes on tax initiatives 1A and 3A come November 6.

Julie A. Severson-Baker