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Julia Baker: Save up for hospital

— Forty-two million dollars for a hospital.

I’ve always been taught if you want something, save up for it. Seems like they want the hospital built right now.

The stupidest thing they did was they could have built another floor on top of our hospital we have.

Then they buy all the houses around the hospital, then they change their minds again and sell them.

Why didn’t they keep them, rent them out and have money for the new hospital? The seniors and low-income (residents) are going to be taxed for 24 years. These people don’t have that kind of money. All we are doing is putting a tax on children that are growing up and starting out in life.

So that means if the hospital goes through, they can add more taxes if they want. Don’t kid yourself, once you get on a ballot and they win, they can do just about anything they want.

Quit spending our money for your stupid mistakes. Please get out and vote on this.

Julia Baker