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Judy Fawcett: Club 20 meeting great

To the editor:

The Club 20 meeting concerning health care held Saturday at the Two Rivers Convention Center was the epitome of a public meeting. The guest speakers were knowledgeable and articulate. The audience was interested and inquisitive. The facilities and luncheon were well staffed and appointed.

Health care is a subject matter that affects all of us, and this meeting was very informative for individuals, small business and large business alike. The conversions that took place during the question and answer portions of the program where intelligent, meaningful, polite and heartfelt. All of us have different thoughts about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and it will affect us in different ways. Staying informed is the first step on understanding the ACA and managing our own health care budget.

The Club 20 meeting was an excellent venue for learning how the ACA will affect us and what we need to do in the coming months. Thank you to Club 20, all the speakers, the Two Rivers Convention Center and the audience for a job well done. 

Judy Fawcett

President Missing Link Health Care System


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