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Judi Hunt: Craig

I am addressing the response to my letter,”Gun-happy officers have no place in law enforcement.” The response was written by Red Petersen. Unfortunately, my letter that was printed was edited by the paper because it did not have time to substantiate certain facts. I think it is fair to allow me to address Mr. Petersen’s response by the facts that I have verified.

First, I do not live in the city limits. I live in the county on 136 acres. Our dog, Brody, often did not stay just at the house; he sometimes slept in the barn or was in the pasture. So, I wouldn’t have noticed him being gone for an hour. Guard dogs are not house dogs where people have livestock.

To answer your question about how the deputy in question was supposed to know it was my dog, I think I stated in my original article that it was called in as belonging to Judi Hunt and was relayed the same way. That is how the dog warden knew the deputy had shot and killed my dog.

Most importantly, Brody did not chase the deer. The deer was sickly and already down. From a certain area on my small ranch I can see where Brody was killed. I did not have to give him directions to my place when he issued the summons. What could he have done? He could have gotten in his patrol car, dialed my phone and I would have been there in less than two minutes. No, he wouldn’t have known for sure whether I were home, but he could have given it a chance. He was not caught chasing wildlife as assumed; he had cornered a deer that already was down and which the deputy also shot. I verified this with the deputy and the DOW. I also verified with the deputy that Brody had not touched the deer. When asked why he shot him, he responded that he had growled at him. Excuse me, but if someone threatening my life, I’d growl too.

If you knew about great white Pyrenees, you would know that they are wonderful guard dogs and when adopted as part of the family they are extremely fun-loving and very, very gentle with humans and other dogs in the household. Brody did not even bark when people arrived. He did, however, guard all night and kept coyotes and foxes away from our place.

You are probably a very nice person, Mr. Peterson, but I sure am grateful I am not one of your dog-owner neighbors.

Judi Hunt

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