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Judge lowers attempted murder suspect’s bond

Joshua Roberts

With her family there in support, a 44-year-old Craig woman charged with attempted first-degree murder was successful in her request for a bond reduction Tuesday morning in Moffat County Court.

Anne Marie Goslin is charged with five felonies: criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, second-degree assault and two counts of menacing.

The charges are in connection with an incident Oct. 20 at a home in the 600 block of Barclay Street.

Police were called to the address on a report of an assault in progress involving a weapon. Officers reported there were two female victims, neither of whom required medical attention.

Goslin, according to the criminal complaint, engaged in “conduct constituting a substantial step toward the commission of murder in the first degree.”

In custody at the Moffat County Jail, she appeared Tuesday by telephone before Judge Sandra Gardner. The judge ruled that bond be lowered from $100,000 to $50,000.

Public defender Sheryl Uhlmann is representing Goslin.

However, on Tuesday, Steamboat Springs attorney Kris Hammond, retained by Goslin’s family to handle the bond request, argued for lowering bond to $10,000.

Hammond said the $100,000 bond was “an impossible number for (Goslin) to make.” He also explained the alleged incident as possibly connected to Goslin being prescribed a higher dose of medication for a mood disorder shortly before it happened.

“This is an aberration in her history of behavior,” Hammond said.

He cited Goslin’s long-term residency and family connections in the area as reasons for lowering bond.

“She has nowhere else to go : where she has any support at all,” Hammond said.

Uhlmann told Judge Gardner her client has no criminal history and will be supported and monitored by family members while on bond.

One of Goslin’s daughters told the judge she would be with her mother constantly.

Jeremy Snow, deputy district attorney for the 14th Judicial District, “strenuously” objected to the defense’s request. He said the acts Goslin allegedly committed were premeditated, preceded by threats to at least one of the alleged victims and included the defendant hiding in a closet with a knife.

He said Goslin acted “crazed” during the alleged incident, questioned her mental stability and reported that one of the alleged victims is “very afraid” of her being released.

“This person truly represents a risk,” Snow said. He added, “That simply is too high a danger.”

The prosecutor also said Goslin’s family members might not be enough to keep her from doing more harm.

“They’re not going to be able to stop her if she comes up with another plan,” he said.

A male witness to the alleged incident, and a friend of one of the alleged victims, spoke to the court on behalf of his friend. He told the judge he agreed with Snow’s take on the bond request.

“It was very terrifying,” the man said. “Someone could have ended up dead that night.

“I don’t know how to describe that night, but it wasn’t a little argument. : I don’t think her being out is going to make anything any better,” he told the judge.

A jail deputy reported to the court that Goslin has had no issues while in custody.

While agreeing to lower bond, Gardner also imposed several conditions.

Goslin, the judge said, is not allowed to leave the state without permission, must notify the court of any address change, reside with family members, refrain from using drugs or alcohol, comply with an existing restraining order and undergo a mental health evaluation.

She also ruled that all weapons, including knives longer than three inches, be removed from the home where Goslin stays.

Goslin posted bond Tuesday afternoon and was released from custody.

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