Josie Burch: Please stop funding the EDP |

Josie Burch: Please stop funding the EDP

Josie Burch

The (letter to the editor) written by Shannon Schwingdorf was expertly written and right on target.

If the City Council members were half as diligent as the county commissioners, they would come to the same conclusion regarding the EDP (Economic Development Partnership).

The City Council seems to believe it doesn’t have to follow the majority of the people in Craig. They just take for granted that they and their little group of insiders know what’s best for the rest of the population.

The EDP didn’t bring Wal-Mart, Walgreens or the new bank. We, as a community, just keep shoving the EDP Funding down a rat hole. It is time to give it a rest.

If companies want to locate in Craig, they will. Let’s stop funding the EDP. I would like to see City Council find out what the “rest” of the city thinks before funding the EDP.

Thank you,

Josie Burch