John Williams: Why Romney is the clear choice |

John Williams: Why Romney is the clear choice

To the editor:

This is an open letter to voters, please be an informed voter as this is the most important election in you life, regardless of your age. Here are a few observations for your consideration.

SENIORS: you will be the most effected by Obamacare and the least able to do anything about it. If you bought into the AARP line that it was a good thing then consider that they had a profit on the sale of insurance in mind.

If you think the theft of $716 Billion from Medicare by the Obama administration to support Obamacare, the addition of 30 – 40 Million people to the system, while lowering payments to your Medicare providers is going to improve what you get you are sadly mistaken.

THE YOUNG: you are greatly effected by the massive creation of debt by this administration, you simply get to pay for it.

BUSINESS OWNERS: I am sure you are sorry you spent all those extra hours, sleepless nights, hocked everything you owned and now that you have the ulcers to prove it, you now know that it was all a waste of time since somebody else built that business for you.

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UNEMPLOYED and underemployed: I am sure you are happy to know that according to both Obama and Senator Reid that the private sector is doing just fine and it is the government sector that needs help.

VETERANS and military: first let me thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you have made, THANK YOU.

Let me point out that this President has made a mockery out of what you have fought for, he has as much as spit on our constitution, laughed in the face of the Supreme Court and completely ignored the separation of powers clause.

GUNOWNERS and hunters: regardless of what the left wing talking points say Obama is the most anti-gun President in the history of our nation. You need only to look into his record as a Senator and just this year his resurrection and aggressive attempt to get the Arms Trade Treaty thru the UN.

This treaty would have disastrous consequences on our constitutional rights. It would put our 2nd Amendment rights under the control of a bunch of Dictators and Despots in the UN that hate us as a people and as a country.

UNDECIDED voters: we are at a crossroads in our great nation, the questions are simple.

Do you want more government interference and control of your lives? Do you want a larger and ever growing government? Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a mess like we see in Europe with the mediocrity of Socialism where in theory the government supplies everything for you?

But as we see has failed completely in Europe, if your answer is no then you must vote for Romney.

It is simple, we cannot afford another Obama presidency. It is going to take decades to repair the mess that this great pretender has caused now.

John Williams