John Williams: ‘Wake up, America’ |

John Williams: ‘Wake up, America’

To the editor:

This is in reference to the column in the July 18 edition by Donna Brazile.

The reference that President Barack Obama is the only adult in the room made me sick. If anyone can call a man who stood before the American people and boldly lied to everyone by telling America's senior citizens that unless we raise the debt limit they won't get their Social Security checks an adult, then I believe someone is seriously misguided.

The fact is the only reason that seniors would not get their checks is because President Obama gave that directive for political gain. The truth is the money is there, and this whole mess is about politics.

We either deal with this insane, out-of-control spending in Washington now, or our children and grandchildren will be saddled with it.

Wake up, America.

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What we have is a spending problem in this country, and politicians are out of control. The majority of them simply are not capable of cutting back spending.

The GOP is pushing a cut, cap and balance agenda that will force the politicians to stay within a budget. This is the only way to hold them to their responsibilities.

The Obama administration has done nothing but offer pie in the sky solutions that were even voted down 100 percent by the president's own party. It is time to hold our representatives responsible for their actions.

Senator Lee, of Utah, has introduced S-1340, a cut, cap and balance bill. It has 30-some sponsors.

Sadly, our own senators Bennet and Udall are not among them. They choose to align themselves with the far left and go for more spending, waste and big government. Call or write them. Tell them to get on board with Senator Lee. If nothing else, think of your grandchildren.

The time to do something is now.

You can visit, where you can research or get contact information for any representative, including Speaker Boehner or Senator Pelosi.

Tell them enough is enough, and it's time to do something for the future of our country and our grandchildren that's not for political gain and the next power trip.

John Williams

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