John Williams: Political concerns |

John Williams: Political concerns

To the editor:

I am sure most will agree that Sen. Nancy Pelosi and Sen.Harry Reid are two of the largest stumbling blocks for action that we face in Congress. Consider the following: The Heritage Foundation score card for Congress (all scores are based on 100 percent being possible) Pelosi’s score is a very poor 9 percent, Reid’s score is a very poor 11 percent and our own Sen. Mark Udall has a score of 0 percent. Anyone see the problem here? Freedom Works, another scorekeeper dedicated to monitoring your representatives on how their votes reflect on your freedom, has again out of 100, scored Pelosi at 10 percent, Reid at 6 percent and Udall very close to them at 13 percent. Now it should become obvious to everyone why Udall tries to run from his own record. To those who wonder if scoring to 100 percent is even possible, do your research.

Udall has voted more than 95 percent of the time in support of President Barack Obama’s policies, yet won’t even be seen on stage with Obama at a Udall fundraiser. Udall is not real proud of his record and tries to downplay and hide it. Remember the Colorado Division of Insurance and Udall’s attempt to use his power to bully them into downplaying the numbers about cancellations? Udall has even hired a “groupie” to follow Cory Gardner around to document all of his events in hopes that the Udall campaign can find something negative against Gardner since Udall has nothing positive to run on. I saw the girl (groupie) when I met with Gardner.

Remember the 335,000 people from Colorado who lost their health insurance because Udall was one of the senators who failed to read the ACA before he voted for it? There were only two possible options with “Obamacare” — 1. Udall was involved in the publically documented scam (some say it was the lie of the year) or 2. He is totally incompetent. Neither option is a desirable trait to have in a representative.

Udall was one of more than 40 Democrats who voted to give the UN control over your Second Amendment rights, gun owners and those who value freedom; Udall is not your friend. Udall is part of the majority Democrats who do not think the Second Amendment means anything and constantly work to disarm and control you.

Do you wonder why the Democratic Party is willing to spend millions to get Udall reelected? It is a matter of numbers. Udall is a “yes man,” he can be counted on to vote the party line on any legislation and is pretty much a guaranteed vote.

Udall has gone with the typical hype that the left always jumps on in an attempt to cloud the real issues with “the war on women.” Udall and the left have said to women, “You are not smart enough to see through this tired line.” Even the liberal-biased Denver Post has come out in support of Cory Gardner over Mark Udall. That speaks volumes about Udall’s failures.

John Williams


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