John Williams: Now is the time to act |

John Williams: Now is the time to act

While everyone is still reeling from the onslaught against their loss of liberty and the stomping on our constitutional rights by the Colorado Legislature, now is the time to act. If you are not a member of the National Rifle Association and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, now is the time. It matters not whether you are a gun owner; this is about the Constitution. Since we cannot vote for east slope politicians, the only alternative is to support those who can work to get them voted out. If we fail to make them pay a high political price, they will think they can do anything. Get involved and join up and donate to responsible candidates running against them.

These gun laws were passed without using any facts or common sense, and they ignored history and the input from county sheriffs. Only emotion and the liberal agenda were considered. They will have little, if any, effect on the problem and only cause problems for the law-abiding citizen. It is a proven fact that gun control laws have little to no effect on the criminal.

I would ask those who are now up in arms about SB 13-252 and the likely prospect of higher energy bills and the loss of jobs, where were you when our Second Amendment rights were under attack? Let me point out a common thread to you: Both of these issues can be attributed to east slope liberals. If you were not concerned about the gun rights issue, maybe now that it hits your wallet you will understand where the problem lies. We must work to remove these people from office.

Union members (public and private), if you are concerned about your liberties and constitutional rights, let me remind you that the overwhelming bulk of political donations by unions go to the Democratic Party. Please note which party in Colorado and Washington is hell-bent on ineffective, draconian gun laws. It would be rather hypocritical to complain about your gun rights while at the same time donating to your own demise. Labor unions donate hundreds of millions to the Democratic Party, and this doesn’t include manpower and logistic support. Only you can make changes; demand them!

Some of us have warned you about the agenda of liberals on gun control, and many of you have blown us off as radicals. Maybe we weren’t so radical after all. Now is the time to pull yourself away from “Dancing With the Stars.” Watch something besides the mainstream media, and get involved. There is an all-out assault on your liberties and your constitutional rights by the Democratic Party. They see an opportunity and will push it to the maximum. This is something that cannot be put off. You must get involved now. There will not be another chance. Freedom is worth fighting for. Get involved.

I would like to thank Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz for his integrity and his patriotism. There is a time when we the people must stand up.

John Williams


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