John Williams: Littwin’s disappointing views |

John Williams: Littwin’s disappointing views

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

Once again, left wing hack, political pundit and renowned hypocrite, Mike Littwin, in his column, shows his true ability to bend the facts while ignoring the actions of the liberal left. His statement: “No tragedy, it appears, is too horrible for Trump to personally exploit.” I would remind him that the congressional Democrats never miss an opportunity to jump up on their soap box and call for more gun control against law-abiding citizens; they never even allow the blood to cool first. How is that for empathy? Democrats even called for more gun control after Paris, an attack not even in this country. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Not a terror attack, sorry to disappoint, but according to the FBI’s James Comey “As you know, this is a federal terrorism investigation led by the FBI, with the assistance, as we always do, of our state, local and federal partners. The reason for that is there are strong indications of radicalization by this killer, and a potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations.” This is the same FBI that investigated the shooter at least twice, and per reports by retired DHS employee Philip Haney, Hillary Clinton’s state department shut down an investigation into the mosque that the Orlando killer attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”

In other words, the ball was dropped on an investigation that quite possibly could have prevented this tragedy. The liberal lap dog media also never quite gets it all together; all point out, with glee, about Trump’s desire to ban all Muslims, when in fact that is not what he said at all. Trump called for a temporary ban until such time those refugees could be properly vetted. This is not only prudent, but a common sense approach, based on, our own intelligence agencies admissions that they could not properly do so.

So here are some facts: This was a terror attack, the shooter did pledge his allegiance to ISIS instead of the country where he was born and raised. The Clinton State Department intervened in an FBI investigation into this very same shooter. The FBI dropped the ball, even though they had the shooter in their sights at least twice; credit to be given for the Clinton intervention. Mr. Obama cannot even use the words “radical Islam.” If you cannot name it or describe it for what it truly is you are certainly not interested in fighting it.

Yet, the blood is not even cold before congressional Democrats are demanding that law abiding citizens pay the price for the failure of the FBI, the intervention by a wannabe president and a current president with a foreign policy of apologize and appeasement. I am not a real Trump fan, but if forced to choose between an admitted socialist, who, according to mortality tables, may very well not survive even a single term, and a closet socialist, whose only experience is sucking at the public trough, I will vote Trump.

John WilliamsJohn Williams

John Williams


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