John Williams: Littwin’s blunder |

John Williams: Littwin’s blunder

To the editor:

Liberal pundit Mike Littwin (Nov. 7 Craig Daily Press) and his slobbering love affair with all things left wing claims there is a mystery and he just can’t understand: what went wrong in the elections. I will submit that all of the answers are right in front of him and the fact that he and majority of the left just cannot understand is in itself the answer to the mystery. Left-wing politicians blunder ahead with the idea that they are always right and if everyone would just shut up and accept what is being done everything would be just fine, they simply are not capable of understanding that there are those who disagree with them. If, as Littwin said, the GOP is more unpopular than the Democrats and even more unpopular than President Barack Obama, then the midterm wins do not say much for either the Democrats or Obama. People have seen the damage of what eight years of Democrat control have done, they don’t like it and they want a change. Littwin bemoans the idea that, in his words, Beauprez was just a “throw in” for governor and almost beat Hickenlooper, again that doesn’t say much for Hickenlooper if a throw in almost beat him. I think the majority of those on our side of the mountain still are waiting to feel the love from Hickenlooper. Remember President Obama’s words “make no mistake my policies are on the ballot this fall”? The fact that those Democrats who got rejected voted for Obama and his policies a high percentage of the time,again says that the left is out of touch. Many rank-and-file Democrats are stepping away from the party — those who I have talked to just don’t think the party is what it once was, and they are right. Many others continue to stand by the party, but they are starting to see that the party has been hijacked by the far left. If you don’t like the far left and what they stand for, then why vote for those who will promote the far left as those (like Sen. Mark Udall) who backed Obama more than 95 percent of the time? Another example is the truly unpopular Obamacare, at the time it was shoved down our throats approximately 65 percent of the people did not want it but that never was considered, the Democrats in their so-called wisdom just kept shoving. Look at those who lost their jobs, one of the factors involved was their support of Obamacare, again out of touch and blundering along. In the last week we have seen the proof of what many have said from the start, Obamacare was based on lies and deception. Please Google “Jonathan Gruber on Obamacare.” To quote Gruber: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “Call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever.” Mr. Littwin, the answer is right in front of you.

John Williams


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