John Williams: Liberals the problem in Congress |

John Williams: Liberals the problem in Congress

To the editor:

Letter writer John Egan has a lot to say about the gridlock and the failure of a conservative Congress to do anything.

Since one of the most important subjects for the current administration has been jobs let me point something out to Mr. Egan about how this was handled by the liberal side. I am sure we can all remember the great pretense made By President Obama about the GOP and its failure to pass his jobs bill.

Here is how it worked, President Obama wondered around the country in his CANADIAN made bus paid for by American taxpayer money while promoting American jobs that might have been saved if taxpayers would have bought an American made bus. This whole trip was spent castigating the GOP for not signing his jobs bill, said bill was quietly being held hostage by Senator Harry Reid in the Senate where there were no Democrat takers to sponsor the bill.

The GOP house did not even have the bill to consider. At the same time there were 16 bills worked out, debated on and passed in the GOP controlled Congress all dealing with jobs and the economy and then sent on to the Senate for consideration.

Not a one of these bills were ever considered because again Senator Reid kept them under wraps. It kind of makes you wonder who was causing the gridlock doesn't it?

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I think you will find a good portion of the gridlock is in the liberal controlled Senate.

This is just one of many political games played by team Obama and the Democrats and all for some sought after political gain at the expense of the American people who desperately need jobs and leadership.

Remember the midterm elections when many politicians were sent packing? This was a wake up call to all politicians, it seems many on the conservative side have decided to listen.

Sadly the majority on the liberal side have not paid much attention, maybe the GOP controlled Congress is actually listening to the people that elected them.

We have a spending problem in Washington not a revenue problem. Each year the Conservative controlled house has prepared, discussed, voted on and passed a budget as they are required by law to do. For over 3.5 years the Democrat controlled Senate has failed to even propose a budget let alone pass one as they are required by law to do.

We have had 6 years of Democrat control many voting for things and then blaming Bush for the results after Obama was elected. We have witnessed Hope and Change and have had enough. What we don't need is another yes man that votes for anything Obama wants regardless of the consequences.

John Williams