John Williams: Leaders need to lead |

John Williams: Leaders need to lead

To the editor:

I have been following the interest on the deer issue in the Craig paper and have a few comments.

First, whether you agree or disagree with the final outcome, Mayor Don Jones and the city council should be applauded for their attempts to do something, as this has been pushed aside too long.

Next, I agree that the deer are nice to watch, but anyone who thinks they are not dangerous needs to remember that regardless of how many generations that have been born in town, they are still wild animals.

Your opinion of what equals a danger to them and their own opinion may differ greatly. All have an instinct to survive. They can do a lot of damage very quickly.

Let’s put this in perspective: a few hundred deer, a few hundred people and 330 million that are being effected by government policy (this includes your grandchildren and great grandchildren). If we had this much participation and interest on national issues and fulfilling our duty to vote, this country would not be in the sad shape that it is today.

Consider that 64 percent of federal expenditures go to pay for entitlement programs and federal pensions, and 40 percent of federal expenditures are borrowed money.

We have now hit a point where the number of union members in the public service sector is greater than private union members.

During the last 20 months, the Obama administration and a liberal controlled legislature has rammed through a health care plan that is the largest entitlement yet on top of what we already have, and if they get their way with the so-called “Dream Act,” pushed by Reid and Pelosi, this will add an additional tens of millions of people to the plan that is already more than this country can afford.

President Obama and his recent freeze on federal employee wages are too little to late and nothing more than an attempt to try and improve his tarnished image. During his run from the beginning, all federal employees received a raise, all congressmen and senators received a raise.

This happened while civilian employees were taking wage freezes or pay cuts, and the loss of millions of jobs in the private sector included more than 150,000 new federal jobs.

All the hype about the tax cuts is just that. When employers have security in the knowledge of what is coming, they hire more people and more people, then pay taxes instead of receiving government money to survive.

Entrepreneurs and small business are what drives this country, not the government.

Those worried about a tax raise can forget it because they have already got you. When you print billions of worthless money out of thin air, you always get inflation and that is nothing more than a tax on everybody and it hits the lowest income people the worst. So, when the government tells you they are looking out for lower income people, don’t believe it.

John Williams

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