John Williams: Fixing problems |

John Williams: Fixing problems

To the editor:

In this election cycle, President Barack Obama and the liberals have called me uneducated, misguided, redneck, gun nut, right-wing extremist, racist, bigot and now I am confused and scared.

If you have ever noticed, this is standard operating procedure for the left — as soon as anyone disagrees with them they bring out the name-calling to try and distract from what they are really doing.

You can judge how much trouble they are in by the number and frequency of names used. I will clarify just a couple of points for them.

No.1, the charge of being a racist: I believe this comes from the fact that the president is black and if I disagree with him that makes me a racist.

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It has nothing to do with his race; I despise the Clintons equally, and anyone else who wants to shove their socialist agenda on my country. It’s the agenda, stupid.

No. 2, the charge of being confused and scared: I am crystal clear on my thoughts. I am not scared, but I am terrified of what you and your komrades are trying to do to this country.

Voters should think long and hard on who they vote for as this is a critical election. We have not only an opportunity to make positive changes, but a duty to do so.

A vote for Senator Michael Bennett, Congressman John Salazar or John Hickenlooper is a vote for the same backdoor-type legislation that was done for Obamacare and Colorado House Bill 10-1365 that Gov. Bill Ritter slipped in the back door.

This alone should tell you how a liberal Democrat-controlled government will work.

Throw the bums out.

Bennett has gotten a lot of support from the big boys in D.C., because he is a yes man and a puppet for Obama.

Bennett’s problem with Obamacare is it didn’t go far enough. A vote for Bennett is a vote for Obama.

Salazar doesn’t even know what planet he is on, let alone what state or district he represents. He still thinks this was a great money saver.

Instead of saving a billion dollars as promised, this is going to cost hundreds of billions.

Bennett and Salazar had two options, and were either too dumb to see this debacle for what it was, or they were in on the fix.

Either way, they are not the kind of people we need to represent us. You can bet they didn’t read the bill.

Hickenlooper is just another tax-and-spend liberal.

Check his record in Denver on illegal immigration. Denver is a sanctuary city.

That is not what we want for the state. Hickenlooper himself is part of the problem. As Denver mayor, he chose to align himself with Mayor Bloomberg and his crusade against gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Hickenlooper has ties to far left associations by his donations and the organizations he supports.

John Williams

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