John Williams: Facts about Obama |

John Williams: Facts about Obama

To the editor:

Here are some FACTS about the Obama administration to consider when you vote.

The PROMISE, cut the national debt in half: FACT it is now 300 percent above promise and climbing by the minute. YOUR children and grandchildren will pay for this.

The PROMISE, cut unemployment to 5.4 percent: FACT it is now for the first time in the Obama term the so called official rate has dropped below 8 percent and still 44 percent over promise, we are still at a net loss on jobs since Obama took office.

Remember the actual rate is much higher and the party in charge has the ability to control the numbers by manipulating the data involved in the calculation of them. Obama policies have failed miserably.

The FACT, business’s drive the economy not the government, Romney has more business knowledge in his little finger than the ENTIRE Obama Administration combined. Community organizers don’t have any experience with jobs or business.

The PROMISE, Obamacare will not cost more than 1 Trillion: it has now surpassed 2.6 Trillion 160 percent over the promise, sadly the majority goes for administrative purposes not for healthcare, this includes 16 thousand new IRS agents.

I bet they will help a lot with healthcare. The bulk of the law has not even gone into effect. This was never about healthcare it has always been about control.

The FACT, under Obama and a Senate controlled by the Democrats the Senate has not passed a budget in 3.5 years. (This is required by law and is part of their jobs to be done on an annual basis.) Now you know why we have a 16 Trillion dollar national debt, there is absolutely zero fiscal responsibility involved here and it appears there is no desire to have any.

The FACT, the Obama foreign policy of apology and appeasement to our enemies has much more to do with the death of our citizens, the burning of our flags and embassies than some snippet of a YouTube video.

While our people are murdered and our embassies burn we can count on Obama to be in full campaign and fundraising mode and then lie about facts that everyone else in the world already knows, this has been SOP for this administration to blame someone else, I’m surprised he didn’t blame Bush.

The incompetence of our pretender in chief has gotten Americans killed, our enemies think we are weak, our allies think we are stupid and the rest of the world is laughing at us. We need a change.

Instead of Obama apologizing to the world for America, America needs to apologize to the world for Obama.

The FACT is the only fact that can be depended on when President Obama speaks is the fact that his lips are moving.

The FACT is you need to get your information somewhere besides the talking points of the far left. Think independently do your own research and you will see the actions, agenda and facts do not match the rhetoric.

John Williams

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