John Williams: Common Core is bad |

John Williams: Common Core is bad

To the editor:

The recent speaker provided by the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots on the subject of Common Core, a very important issue regarding the education of our children, was lacking participation by a very important group: our educators.

Common Core is taking away the rights of parents and placing them in the hands of bureaucrats in Washington, this is a wholesale attempt by the feds at indoctrinating our children and gathering data on not just the children but on the parents, as well.

Common Core is pushing the teacher’s ability to teach out of the hands of those same teachers while at the same time removing parental rights involving their own children.

The whole issue was pushed on to the State Board of Education by the feds without much time for anyone to study the complete impact and what was involved (a tactic used way to often by left wing Washington and state politicians). This was done using our own tax dollars as the carrot on the stick to entice members to sign on, despite the input by parents and many teachers being overwhelmingly against it at the SBOE meeting. Many states are having buyer’s remorse. At some point people are going to have to decide just how much of a dollar amount they are willing to sell their freedom and their soul for, because many seem willing to do so. It would seem that all the claims by our local educators as to how dedicated they are in the education of our children ring hollow. Here was an opportunity to get a massive amount of information about Common Core and the affect it is having on the education process. I find it pathetic that only a few preschool teachers, home school teachers, a substitute teacher and a teacher from Rangely were the only representation by educators. There was no one from the school board, no one from administration and no teachers from any of the schools beyond preschool.

Now let’s link this to an article in the not so distant past where educators were bemoaning the fact that they get very little parental input when the opportunities to do so are provided to the parents. This would not only be some of the same educators mentioned above but speaks volumes about the parents as well; parents were also conspicuously missing from this opportunity where there was a mountain of information provided. If you are a parent, a grandparent or are planning on having children in school, this concerns you. I strongly urge you to do some research on this subject there is a tremendous amount of information available to you, this is one of the most important issues having to do with your child’s education or indoctrination; whichever you choose.

Others that sadly were missing from this event were members of the press. This is a very important issue and should be given the attention it deserves. It is the job of the press to inform the public.

John Williams


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