John S. Kinkaid: Vote for ‘you,’ not C

The bumper sticker on the back of my car reads, “No Tax Refund for You!” It’s inspired by the Soup Nazi character on the sitcom Seinfeld. The Soup Nazi was a soup vendor who would yank customers’ orders if he was annoyed by them. The bumper sticker comes from the Independence Institute. They were looking for a simple way to explain what they call the Romanoff rip-off.

Referendum C would let the state of Colorado keep at least $3.1 billion in excess taxes during the next five years. Some estimates now put it at $3.7 billion.

Our state budget increased 7 percent this year and now stands at $15.2 billion. State spending on higher education reportedly has risen 25 percent this year.

I have a daughter who wants a car and two sons in college who don’t qualify for financial aid. We could really use our refunds to help with expenses.

A family of four is being asked to let the state keep $3,200. in excess taxes during the next five years. That’s $600 for every man, woman and child in Colorado. Obviously, if you go with the higher $3.7 billion figure, the refunds would be even more. Who is going to spend that money more wisely — the state government or you?

I vote for you. Remember … it’s your money.

The passage of the TABOR amendment was one of the best things to happen in Colorado. Check out for more answers or go to the Independence Institute Web site.

Long live TABOR. Vote no on C.

John S. Kinkaid, M.B.A.


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