John S. Kinkaid, M.B.A.: Trying to let the genie out of the bottle |

John S. Kinkaid, M.B.A.: Trying to let the genie out of the bottle

To the editor:

I found the actual state budget figures for the past 13 years. During the past 13 years, the state of Colorado’s budget has grown from $6.34 billion to this year’s $14.61 billion. Doubled and then some. This year the state budget grew 4.2 percent. Last year, the state budget increased 3 percent, and it went up 2.9 percent the year before that. In fact, there has been no year where the spending figures stayed flat or declined. The smallest annual increase in spending was 2.5 percent in 1994-95, and the largest annual jump in spending was 19 percent the year before in 1993-94.

I’ll bet that most people in our community have to live with 3 percent pay raises or less.

This week I read, “this year 24 other states have proposed bills similar to TABOR to curb state government spending.” I can see why. Looks like it’s working pretty well to me. Growth, but limited growth. Growth we can afford.

The people who came up with referendums C and D are trying to let the genie out of the bottle. We can’t afford to give them their wishes.

John S. Kinkaid, M.B.A.


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