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John S. Kinkaid: Craig

To the editor:
As a casual observer, it seems to me that Craig’s two newspapers are tilting to a socially liberal bias or frame of reference on some key issues. Increasingly, more editorials and articles are leaning to the left. A case in point is immigration policy.

Have you noticed how the United States is no longer a melting pot of nationalities? Our new immigrants aren’t particularly interested in being Americans and assimilating into our common culture. Perhaps it’s because they were willing to enter our country illegally to begin with. A lack of desire to assimilate into American culture is a key point. That has to change. We need it to have a cohesive society. We need to be a melting pot again and stress our nation’s unique roots, reasons for being, history and heritage. Our forefathers built a solid foundation for us. If we don’t maintain the foundation, the building will crumble.

It’s a complex issue, and I don’t want to take up too much space, but I’ll try to briefly present some points to think about.

Time magazine has just published a report that this year 3 million illegal aliens will enter the country; the vast majority crossing our southern border. Now, I don’t necessarily take Time magazine’s word on facts about politics and social issues, but just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the 3 million illegal aliens number is close.

Why do we even have an immigration policy, if we are going to allow anybody and everybody to stream across our porous borders? It doesn’t make any sense. If I’m an Islamic terrorist, I’m entering the United States through the American/Mexican border. They’ll offer me words of encouragement and bottles of water as I carry a “dirty” bomb across the Arizona desert and into the country. In this respect, homeland security is a joke. Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo is the only politician I have heard who even dares to bring immigration policy up for debate. The others are scared to death to offer criticism for fear of being labeled racists by liberal advocacy groups and the media.

What about the drain on government budgets, education and health care? People complain about health care needing to be more affordable. Some seem to want socialized medicine and for the government to take care of them. Again, it’s not a simple issue, but I’m thinking that 3 million illegal aliens streaming across the border each year are getting free health care at the nation’s hospital emergency rooms. That’s got to be driving up costs for people who can be responsible to pay. Should we be responsible for providing a free education for millions of children whose parents are in the country illegally? I can’t help but think that California’s budget woes are heavily affected by providing free services for millions of illegal immigrants. Of course all southwestern states are heavily affected, including Colorado.

Recently, I was in a quandary about something simple such as buying a pair of blue jeans. Do I buy a pair that was made in Mexico and support a worker who has decided to work and live in Mexico, or do I buy a pair of jeans made in the United States and possibly support an illegal worker?

Let me put in a good word for teaching children using English immersion. Bilingual education only dims the future for immigrant children by holding them back and lowering expectations. Bilingual education will produce fewer college graduates and successful independent members of society. If you are a Democrat, that’s good news, because you want the votes of people looking for handouts from you. Just a sense of humor. In a sense, English immersion treats children with a greater respect and will produce a brighter future.

I suspect that we already have reached a critical mass and that even if we sealed up our borders tight with walls like the Israelis are building now, our country still would look radically different. We will be a more splintered society. We will celebrate diversity and lose our unity. We will be a dual-language country like Canada in five years. People moving to the United States now don’t particularly want to be Americans. Without a common anchor, we will just drift around. In a real sense lost. What was once great will be great no longer. And the people who hate the United States and what it stood for will have won.

Let me close with this thought. People who blame and are angry with Mexicans and others who enter this country illegally are wrong. It’s not the fault of illegal immigrants. They are just taking advantage of a good deal. It’s our fault for letting things come to this. It’s the fault of politicians who are short sighted and worry more about getting re-elected than they care about the future of our country. It’s the fault of journalists who are not fair and balanced in their reporting. It’s my fault for not writing this letter 20 years ago.

We let this happen, and I don’t think that we have the resolve to improve things.

John S. Kinkaid


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