John Rossfeld named CEO of The Memorial Hospital |

John Rossfeld named CEO of The Memorial Hospital

Craig Daily Press Staff Report
John Rossfeld smiles near the main entrance of The Memorial Hospital. Rossfeld was named permanent CEO of TMH after serving as interim CEO for six months.
Lauren Blair

John Rossfeld keeps the appearance of a quiet and serious man. He loves his family, and is dedicated to his work. But he’s also a fanatical soccer fan, an avid reader and a lover of old movies. He found a new home here in Craig when he began serving as the interim CEO for The Memorial Hospital in January.

He will be settling in for the long haul now that the TMH Board of Trustees announced him as their permanent CEO on Friday.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, and having spent most of his working life in southern California, Rossfeld landed in Colorado three years ago when he and his wife decided they wanted to be nearer to their children and grandchildren.

On being a parent to his five grown children, Rossfeld said, “Within reason, we can talk to each other about almost anything. And I ask them for advice all the time about things I’m working on or thinking about.” He continued, “They would be friends if they weren’t our kids just because of the way we can now interact with each other and do things together.”

And as for his 10 grandchildren, he said, “We can do things with them that we used to do when the kids were younger, so that’s fun.”

He also smiled and confided, “We can basically do whatever we want with them, feed them candy and sugar, keep them up late every night that they’re with us, and then we can give them back.”

Rossfeld’s experience includes administrative positions in hospitals in California, Nevada, Utah and Florida. He worked as an interim CEO through Quorum Health Resources for the past three years in Indiana and Kansas before coming to TMH.

His vision for the hospital is for it to become the leading health care provider for Moffat County.

“We want to be viewed as the organization of choice,” Rossfeld said. “We know that we have to earn that. We have to prove to people that we can provide the type of care that they can expect and want to have.”

The announcement of Rossfeld as CEO follows a series of short-lived tenures by other CEOs, causing some consternation among hospital staff and community members.

“When John notified the board that he was interested in staying, there was a collective sigh of relief,” Board Vice Chairman Forrest Luke said in a press release. “We have seen so much progress in six months, and we didn’t want to lose forward momentum. We are confident that John’s experience in both large and small hospitals and communities will benefit TMH.”

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