John Ponikvar: TMH is amazing |

John Ponikvar: TMH is amazing

To the editor

This past week I unfortunately, no, fortunately had the opportunity to spend time with the staff and even administrators at The Memorial Hospital. While I was there I was amazed at the professionalism, capabilities, and abilities this facility brings to the community.

I think I participated in most of the departments activities less OB and Surgery. (Thank God)

The care I received starting at 3:30 a.m. and through the day was outstanding. Dr. Watson, Dr. McClanahan, the nurses, CNAs and other staff were totally focused on my wellbeing. What stood out to me was the team work and comradely among the staff. I enjoyed listening to the conversations and interactions that showed that they care for each other as well as the patients. I noticed CEO John Rossfeld and Chief of Marketing and Business Development Jennifer Riley making the rounds to patient rooms making sure all was well.

Thanks to the advanced technology used by TMH and the skills of the people using the equipment, I am confident in knowing that I will be running rampant on the streets of Craig for another 25 or 30 years.

John Ponikvar


P.S. The food was awesome! The Mountain Café is a great lunch venue already, and would be a very good dinner restaurant with the additions wine, beer and candles. I suggested it, didn’t get a positive answer on that one.


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