John Pogline: We can handle our end |

John Pogline: We can handle our end

Mr. (Jim) Redmond, although I do not live in Livingston, Texas, I am very interested in your community. I really do not understand why the people of Livingston have not legalized coke and heroin.

Just think how happy the people there would be if they did that. Secondly, think of the economic impact it would have. They might even have enough money to build a wave pool. Think of the famous tourist attraction that would be. And thirdly, the criminals and drug cartels would have no income.

I am sure that if you went to the worldwide web, you would find plenty of ads extolling the virtues of coke and heroin.

But, maybe, the reason there were 10 t0 one against legalizing pot there is because, 10 to one, people had better sense, just as the people in Craig have.

Thank you for your dreams and hallucinations for Craig, sir, but I know we can handle our end.

John Pogline