John Pogline: Say ‘no’ to recreational pot in Craig |

John Pogline: Say ‘no’ to recreational pot in Craig

It seems someone is wanting the taxpayers in Craig and Moffat County to finance another vote for recreational pot. The best way to save the taxpayers’ money is to not sign this petition. We have already said “no.” There is an old saying, “Why flog a dead horse?” It seems someone wants to rake in the money.

Personally though, I do agree that if pot is legalized, a portion of the proceeds should go to law enforcement. It would help the Craig Police Department hire another officer or two to patrol areas where nefarious pot smokers have been seen in great numbers.

People I have talked to are not a bit upset that recreational pot has not come up for another vote. They say no means no. What part of no does some people not understand?

Just because recreational pot would be legal, it does not mean it would be less sinful, less ethical, or less evil. If it were legal, it would make it more accessible to our young people. Because making it legal would not guarantee people would smoke responsibly.

We do not need rec pot in our community. The best way to keep it out is to not sign this petition. And if it were to get on the ballot, vote “no.”

John Pogline