John Pogline: Keep pot out of Craig |

John Pogline: Keep pot out of Craig

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

Hey man, look here. We can buy pot in Moffat County! Let’s go buy some. There, let’s toke up. Hey, that’s good stuff. Let’s go, we’d better head home. Whoops, ran over that kid on a bicycle. That’s okay, people here would rather have the money from pot than worry about losing one life.

Right! Just ask the parents of that little girl in Denver. I will never, ever understand how anyone can justify making money from other people’s grief and misery. Do you think that maybe the reason for not getting enough signatures to grow and sell pot in Moffat County is that people do not want it here? I am very thankful for community leaders that agree with the majority of people in Moffat County and are working toward freedom from pot. To me, lives are more important than your bankroll.

As for Craig drying up and blowing away, and the book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community,” anyone can write and sell a book. But that doesn’t make it so. Wonder how much money Al Gore made on his book. We will make it without selling noxious weeds. People here are tough — always have been — always will be.

Thank you mayor, city council members, county commissioners and people of Moffat County and Craig for keeping that stuff out of our area.

John PoglineJohn Pogline

John Pogline


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