John Pogline: Elkhead issue is absurd |

John Pogline: Elkhead issue is absurd

To the editor:

Well, it looks like Moffat County is in the bull’s-eye again. First it was the Yampa River, and now it’s Elkhead Reservoir. The U.S. Fish and Game Wildlife Service has destroyed the fishing for Moffat County in the Yampa River and now they want to do the same for us at Elkhead. And, I agree, they have absolutely no proof whatsoever to back up their claims for poisoning Elkhead. Just as they have no proof for killing the fish in the Yampa River.

They say the bonytail, the humpback chub, the Colorado pikeminnow, the razorback sucker and the snail darter are the native fish in the Yampa. I personally have fished the Yampa since the 1940s. I have caught trout and catfish. I never have caught a bonytail, humpback chub, Colorado pike minnow, razorback sucker or snail darter, let alone seen one, nor has anyone I know. How in the world do they know what fish are native to the Yampa River? Do they have records that go back 1,000 years, 500 years or even 100 years? Something seems fishy here (the pun seemed appropriate).

They are only guessing at Elkhead, just as they are in the Yampa. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has their agenda and they could care less about what the people of Moffat County think or how it will affect them. I think this issue needs more study, and by qualified people. We the people of Moffat County need a say in what affects our lives here.

John Pogline