John Pogline: Don’t sign pot petition |

John Pogline: Don’t sign pot petition

To the editor,To the editor,

To the editor,

First of all, I would like to apologize for striking fear in the hearts of the citizens of Moffat County. Makes me feel like the Joker, but I guess Batman’s out there. Then, yes I agree, we need to get our facts straight. If quoting CDOT statistics is fear mongering, then we had better have CDOT quit reporting the truth since the truth offends some people. And it may seem to someone that I have misconceptions and fallacies about smoking marijuana in Moffat County but that is a blatant falsehood. I have never stated that smoking marijuana in Moffat County is illegal. I have stated that the growing for sales and the sale of recreational marijuana is illegal. And I have never stated that the recreational marijuana business is about more than money — my statement was that the recreational business is ALL about money, and bringing this industry to Moffat County is a business we do not need.

There are absolutely no facts to support that legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana will stop or even slow down the marijuana black market. Why should it? People can still grow and sell it at cheaper prices than the legal market because they do not have to pay taxes on it.

And Mr. James, if you know people that are illegally selling marijuana, as an American citizen, it is your duty to report them to the authorities. I know I would.

And so folks, when that petition comes around to cultivate prosperity in our “quaint little town,” I urge you not to sign it.

John PoglineJohn Pogline

John Pogline


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