John P. Pogline: Craig says ‘no’ pot |

John P. Pogline: Craig says ‘no’ pot

To the editor:

Here again we have Mr. James giving us information with absolutely no validity. Mr. James, where are your references to back-up your facts and figures? Are they just guesses? I think your information is on a par with, “scientists say catastrophic weather changes are due…” Though I believe no pot in Craig financially affects your business, I do not believe for a minute that Craig and Moffat County have lost millions and millions of dollars due to the voters here not being smart enough to legalize the weed. And Mr. James, it is not just the 4 percent of the voters that voted down pot — it was the majority of the voters. And to make the majority of the voters feel guilty about taking the millions of dollars away from the school system is downright insulting. Also, the Town Council was elected by the people to do the will of the people. And the will of the people is no pot.

We the people support the Bulldogs, hunting, fishing and the coal industry, not pot.

John P. Pogline



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