John Mann: Grow up, people |

John Mann: Grow up, people

Grow up, people

To the editor:

A few Bulldog adult spectators should be in the doghouse.

To those adults who chose to sit behind the student section at the homecoming football game, I have a suggestion for you.

One, grow up. You’re adults.

Two, show up early for a home game and choose your seats wisely, for if you choose to sit directly behind a student cheering section, you deserve what you get.

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The student cheering section at a high school football game will stand up, cheer, get rowdy and, most of all, irritate those around them.

For grown adults to lower themselves and act childishly by purposefully spraying the cheering section with soda pop, they should – at the very least – be ejected from the event and all future events.

The school administration should ban you from every sporting event or, at the very least, you should admit your guilt and write a letter of apology to the community, the fans, the student cheering section, school administration and the football team as a young individual did earlier this week.

You parents involved in that activity are a disgrace to Moffat County athletics. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You know who you are, and if you wish to debate the issue, feel free to call.

You owe the community an apology.

John Mann