John Kinkaid: Recognize Constitution Week |

John Kinkaid: Recognize Constitution Week

To the Editor:

On September 17th in 1787, 39 brave men came together for the last time to sign the document that they had created, our United States Constitution.

Take time today to think about the gift of freedom and liberty that we were given.

We live in a very special and unique nation. We are a nation of pioneers who travelled across a great land to live our lives in peace, with the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail.

We are a nation of pioneers, like Neal Armstrong. A human being who walked on the surface of the moon.

We are a nation of inventors from Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers to Steve Jobs. From the Franklin stove to the iPhone, we innovate.

We fought a civil war and then healed and prospered. Surely God’s hand has been upon us.

We are able to do these amazing things, because we are free to do them. Enjoy your freedom today and never let it slip away into the hands of government.

Teach these things to your children.

John Kinkaid

2012 Moffat County Commissioner Candidate


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