John Kinkaid: Reader suggests funding options |

John Kinkaid: Reader suggests funding options

Rather than raise taxes, perhaps the city and county could enter into a memorandum of understanding to have the city take over either full or partial financial responsibility for the museum and library. We need to think of creative solutions rather than make raising taxes the default position. I don't believe you can tax your way to prosperity.

The city already raised our taxes. Dinosaur now has a THC dispensary and should have the cash to run the local branch of the library there. To be honest, I don't know what to do about funding the Maybell branch. The city surely has the cash to run the library.

And, perhaps combining the police and sheriff's department is still worth looking into. The sheriff could run both, especially if he gives up his fire department responsibilities.

If Colorado elects another Democratic governor this year, there will be absolutely no hope of saving Craig Station Unit One, and we should prepare for the worst financially. I'm still hoping for a governor who will be pro-business and not an anti-coal ideologue. I'm still praying for a miracle.

Hope for the best — prepare for the worst. And, play the cards we are dealt.

Just a couple of ideas.

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