John Kinkaid: Moffat County matters |

John Kinkaid: Moffat County matters

To the editor:

I strongly urge Moffat County residents to attend and participate in our open forum with Gov. John Hickenlooper. We need to send a strong message back to the state capitol that we feel disenfranchised by urban lawmakers. When the governor won election in 2010, I was disappointed but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He ran as a successful businessman and a moderate. And for the first year of his term, he seemed like he was doing a good job. Then after that first year, something changed and he turned hard left. I honestly don’t know why he did that.

Now today we have an opportunity to let him know that Moffat County matters. Let’s be sure that we send that message back over the mountains.

John Kinkaid