John Kinkaid: MCHS got it right; CMS got it wrong |

John Kinkaid: MCHS got it right; CMS got it wrong

The Moffat County High School’s response to the Parkland school shooting seems sensible and appropriate. One minute and 17 seconds of silence for the victims and their families Totally appropriate.

On the other hand the Craig Middle School’s response was not appropriate. If they missed 17 minutes of class to walk outside, thats 17 minutes of class time that we taxpayers paid for hoping to improve academic achievement. Seventeen minutes of class and school disruption outside of the building that could have achieved the same goal in 1 minute and 17 seconds in class.

In a district that is struggling for money and better academic achievement, we can’t afford to waste time and resources to encourage 12 year olds to be turned into mini social justice warriors.

Don’t ask people in the community to vote for tax increases in the future if this type of activity is allowed. Time and money are too precious in Moffat County to waste on unproductive activities.

The high school got it right and the middle school got it wrong.

John Kinkaid, MBA


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