John Kinkaid: Going ‘green’ |

John Kinkaid: Going ‘green’

Going ‘green’

To the editor:

Nearly every company is jumping onto the “green” bandwagon. Green laundry detergent, green cars. You name it, it’s green.

The average person in the U.S. really wants to do the right thing, and we have admirable intentions. Ours is a great country filled with people striving to make their lives better and to leave this world a better place for their children and generations to come.

But, there are people taking advantage of our desire to have clean air and water. In the 19th century and the last century, the U.S. did have environmental problems that needed to be addressed.

They were addressed.

But now, clean is not clean enough. Now, human activity must be controlled, manipulated and capped. Green has become a rationale for this increase in control over the populous. Green has become the trump card to jam down tighter controls and a poorer lifestyle, instead of a better way of life.

Here’s an excerpt from a March 30 Associated Press article: “Xcel Energy continues to lay the foundation for what is thought to be the nation’s first ‘smart-grid’ city. The utility has installed about 15,000 residential ‘smart meters’ in Boulder. : The meters provide two-way communication to the utility and to customers. Customers with smart meters can monitor their energy use and when combined with programmable thermostats : control their use.”

My mother and stepdad signed up for a time of day electric rate back in the 1990s, to save money. You could not find two more frugal people than them. They lived through the Great Depression. My stepdad would cut off the end of a toothpaste tube in order to scrape the last of it out. They could pinch a penny hard enough to make it squeal. They were ideal candidates for a time of day electricity rate.

No children at home. Minimal laundry, dishwasher usage and cooking. No computer. Minimal everything.

They could not make the time of day electric rate work. It wasn’t worth the hassle. Laundry and cooking done before 8 a.m., or after 10 p.m., or there was a penalty charge. Go over on your meter at the wrong time of day and the scrimping the rest of the month was negated.

Is that how you want to spend your retirement? Is that how you want to live now? For real life families with children, it is just not practical. There is an environmental organization in Boulder that is lobbying for residential power to be cut off to smart-grid homes, when needed. Consumers would agree to it, when they sign up.

Large amounts of solar, wind and nuclear power are not economical and practical at this time. And your electric bill will go way up to pay for this inefficiency in the future.

Our current standards provide us with clean air and water, and they don’t need to be ratcheted down. Carbon dioxide restrictions are silly. We naturally exhale carbon dioxide. It’s how the environment works.

John Kinkaid

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